The decision to run for the Office of Beaufort County Coroner is a commitment that requires dedication, accountability, and loyalty to the citizens we serve. 

     Having resided in Beaufort County for over sixty years, I believe there is no better place to live, enjoy life, and raise a family. I have been blessed with a loving wife, two daughters, and three grandchildren, all of whom also share my love for this great county in which we live.

     Today, the Beaufort County Coroner’s Office functions in many ways that benefit our county. If elected Beaufort County Coroner, my goal will be to continue to enhance our services to better serve constituents. First and foremost, I would like to implement an enhanced response system in the Hilton Head and Bluffton areas, utilizing current resources.  Additionally, I will study the feasibility of accreditation status for the office, which will ensure that all policies meet the national standards and are being followed appropriately. Accreditation not only discovers areas for improvement within the office but acts as a guide for development and provides an opportunity for ongoing reevaluation and further improvement throughout the years.

     My experience in working for both Municipal and County governments has given me wide exposure to the inner workings of the system.  I have served twenty-nine years in law enforcement, much of that time was spent investigating major crimes from robberies to homicide. This experience uniquely qualified me to become a Deputy Coroner, a position that I have held for the past twelve years and will be a continued asset in the role of Coroner. My training and experience in maintaining the integrity of investigation scenes have continued to grow over time, as proven by my advancement to Chief Deputy Coroner.

     Throughout my entire career, I have consistently carried out my duties with integrity and trustworthiness, as well as proven myself to be accountable and efficient.

Please vote for David Ott for

Beaufort County Coroner on

June 9 in the Republican primary.


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