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Lawrence Melton Jr. 

Location Leader

"As a funeral home location leader, I believe that the position of coroner is vital to helping families deal with grief and to do it in a way that is both professional and compassionate. David Ott is the right candidate. For these many reasons, I believe in and am proud to endorse David Ott for Beaufort County Coroner.

Scott C. Lee

Attorney at Law

"Having known and worked with David over the past 23 years, I believe that he has the requisite knowledge, experience, and temperament to best serve the citizens of Beaufort County in this capacity. In my opinion, it is his vast expertise in the investigatory field that best qualifies David for this often misunderstood and underappreciated public office."

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Peggy Venning

Retired Teacher

"David Ott is the candidate to vote for. His extensive background in law enforcement as a deputy sheriff, police officer, detective, and his years of experience in the coroner's office will make the transition seamless."
Chrisptopher Beere

Family Promise Co-Coordinator

I have known David Ott for nearly 15 years. I attend church with him at The Baptist Church of Beaufort.
Some ten (10) years ago my family found a spot volunteering with Family Promise. This is a nonprofit organization providing homeless individuals who have children…shelter, meals, education, health, and wellness. My wife and I co-coordinate for this ministry. Four weeks a year, one in each quarter, our church serves as a shelter/home for up to 18 people. Members of our congregation prepare meals, fellowship/host for several hours during meals and spend the night at the church with those guests. Since I started with this ministry David has been a constant. He has regularly provided the meat portion of meals for our guests. He can sometimes even be seen in the parking lot grilling hot dogs and hamburgers to the delight of the children. David is loyal, trustworthy, hardworking, and empathetic. As one of our current deputy coroners, he exhibits dignity and respect and has the knowledge and experience to be Beaufort County’s next coroner.
Doyle Clifton

Retired Teacher

As a member of the local volunteer water search and rescue organization for the last 25 years, I have had the opportunity to work with David Ott on numerous occasions. First, when he was an investigator with the Beaufort City Police Department, while he was also serving with the Beaufort City Police Marine Patrol and again while he was Beaufort County Deputy Coroner. 


I believe David’s training and experience as a law enforcement officer and investigator, his experience and expertise gained as the deputy coroner and his extensive first-hand knowledge of the local area, give him a unique skill set that can be best utilized to serve the citizens of Beaufort County as our coroner.  Please consider giving him your vote and helping him continue his service to Beaufort. 

Bruce Welden

Beaufort County Resident

May of 2006 was a very sad time for the Welden family and a sad time for Beaufort.  That was the year my mother, Jean Welden, was brutally murdered at her residence in Beaufort.

I am writing this letter because I have learned that the lead investigator on my mother’s case is running for Coroner.  Beaufort Police Sergeant David Ott, since retired and now working for the Coroner’s Office, handled the case.  This tragedy resulted in a challenging investigation that involved three crime scene locations and several other difficulties in conducting a murder investigation.

My family is very appreciative of the outstanding investigation that was conducted resulting in the killer being arrested that same day.  David Ott kept us informed of all aspects of the case and throughout the trial.  His dedication to his profession and our citizens has made Beaufort a safer place with this individual being sentenced to prison for the rest of his life.

I feel that David Ott is the right choice for the job.  He has served as Chief Deputy Coroner for the past twelve years.  His prior law enforcement experience with the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office and the Beaufort Police Department will serve our citizens well.

Please join me in voting for David Ott for Coroner on June 9.

Jeff Dowling

Retired Chief of Police, Beaufort Police Department

“Having served in law enforcement in Beaufort for over forty years, I have worked very closely with the Beaufort County Coroner’s Office. The citizens of Beaufort have been extremely fortunate to have such fine gentleman serve in this position.

Our current Coroner, Ed Allen, has decided not to run and to take a well-deserved retirement. Ed will be missed and therein is the reason for this letter.

David Ott is running for the office of Coroner and will be the best person to fill the void and legend left by Ed Allen. David has worked for both local agencies, the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, and the Beaufort Police Department. David and I served together when I was the Chief of Police. His investigatory skills resulted in several murder convictions and numerous robbery and burglary arrests. His experience level, along with serving the past twelve years as the Chief Deputy Coroner make him the right choice for the job."

Marlene Harrelson

Owner, Duke's BBQ of Beaufort

“I have lived in Beaufort, SC for 32 years. David Ott was one of the first people I met in Beaufort. Come to find out, we know a lot of people from my hometown of Branchville, SC. He is kin to the Ott family there.

David was on the city police force when I first met him. I worked with him on several fundraisers for people with needs. He was always very professional, prompt, and attentive to the needs of others. People worked with him very easily and he willingly helped others. He has been a very good friend to me and my family. Always there to help when we needed him. He even stayed up all night and cooked my bbq on his pit for me when my pit burned up. He wouldn’t take anything for it – he was just glad to be of help.

He is truly a good example of a public servant. I would be more than proud to call him my coroner.”

Rick Caporale

Former Beaufort County Councilman, District 8

"I am pleased to provide a simple and sincere endorsement for David Ott as our next Beaufort County Coroner. David is a good man and has served long and well as the Deputy Coroner – so he has all the qualifications and experience he needs. In short, he’s the right man for the job and deserves this opportunity to continue serving the people of Beaufort County in a new leadership role. Please join me in voting for David Ott on election day."

Hon. Michael E. Covert

Current Beaufort County Councilman

Candidate SC House of Representatives 118

It is not too often that during Primary political races do you find an existing politician endorse a new candidate for office. However, there are times when a candidate comes along that you see who is just perfect for the job. We have one of those candidates now in David Ott running for County Coroner. As a former career Law Enforcement Officer and Deputy Coroner, I have always witnessed David have the utmost professionalism, ethics, and integrity in his job. First and foremost in David’s mind is the well-being of the public and how people, all across this County, are treated. His actions have been beyond reproach and quite simply, with the retirement of the current Coroner, David Ott is the perfect choice and the obvious choice for Coroner of Beaufort County.

I am proud to say that not only am I able to call David a friend, but he is a true gentleman and is true to his word. I proudly offer my full endorsement for David Ott as Beaufort County Coroner.

Dr. Robert Blok
Former Candidate for Beaufort County Coroner

"Of the two remaining candidates, David Ott is the only one with the experience, integrity, honor, and respect that is needed to serve as our coroner."