David Ott currently serves as the Chief Deputy Coroner for Beaufort County. His twelve years of experience with the Coroner’s Office is one of the many experiences that makes David the most qualified candidate for Beaufort County Coroner.

David’s father, a United States Marine, received orders in late 1957 to Beaufort. Since then, David has been a proud Beaufortonian. He graduated Battery Creek High School in 1977. In 1982, he married his wife, Kitty, and together, they moved to Georgia so that David could pursue a new career opportunity in law enforcement. David graduated from the Georgia Police Academy on May 24, 1985, though he never actually made it to the graduation ceremony itself, as he and Kitty welcomed their first daughter, Melanie, on the same day. They later welcomed their second daughter, Stephanie, at Beaufort Memorial Hospital in 1989.


In 1986, David was offered an opportunity to return to Beaufort as a Sheriff’s Deputy with Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, where he became a detective after only nine months. He proudly served the citizens of Beaufort County and the Sheriff’s Office, until 1995, when he accepted a position with Beaufort City Police. During David’s tenure at both Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office and Beaufort City Police Department, he was instrumental in solving multiple high-profile crimes throughout Beaufort County. David served the Beaufort Police Department as an Investigator until his retirement in 2009.


After his retirement from law enforcement, David started a new chapter as the Deputy Coroner under Coroner J. Edward Allen, where he has served for the past twelve years. His years as a civil servant have enhanced David’s keen eye for detail, empathetic character, and investigative skills.


Throughout David’s entire career, he has participated in numerous training opportunities ranging from enhancing investigation and interrogation techniques to advanced crime scene analysis. His experience with cold case investigations, bloodstain pattern analysis, and vulnerable children and adults uniquely qualify David to be Beaufort County Coroner.

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June 9 in the Republican primary.

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